We would like to help you in returning to the activity in the workshop, so that your work space is a safe place, both for you and for your clients.

To this purpose, we will start making available our own line of disinfectant sprays that will help you keep your body and paint workshop clean and virus-free.

In times of extreme health alert, work tools and interior of the vehicles must be kept clean and disinfected thoroughly. The interior of a vehicle is a space where body shop workers can spend many hours a day, sometimes sharing it with other people. Thus, it is susceptible to becoming a source of bacteria and viruses, making possible infections.

Some Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States estimate that COVID-19 can stay on solid surfaces for up to 4 or 5 days, depending on the type of material it is deposited on and the ambient temperature or humidity.

For example, on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces it can stay up to 3 days, on metal materials up to 5 days and on aluminium surfaces between two and eight hours at an ambient temperature of 21 degrees. In order to disinfect any part of the vehicle, as well as the tools of the workshop, from BESA we want to offer you a powerful disinfecting liquid SPRAY, which contains Propan-2-ol, recommended by the WHO for Hydroalcoholic Gel formulations.

This spray will help you work more calmly and safely, simply focusing on the work to be done.

This disinfectant solution contains the components recommended by the Association of Pharmacists and the World Health Organization for the disinfection of areas exposed to bacteria and viruses, such as vehicle interiors (steering wheels, door handles, gear sticks, etc.) or tools for work that you usually use.


  • Potent cleaning and disinfection, removing a VERY HIGH percentage of all kinds of bacteria and viruses.
  • Easy application.
  • Does not damage the paint.
  • Applicable on vehicle interiors (steering wheels, door handles, gear lever, etc.) or work tools.

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    Before starting the work, apply it on the areas to be handled.


    For total disinfection, spray SPRAY 94 on a clean cloth and rub the surface.


    Dry once clean with another dry cloth and dispose.