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As usual when carrying out any type of repair at the  bodyshop, whether repainting a car or an industrial vehicle, one must choose between one work process or another, always aiming at maximum productivity in each repair.

A relevant aspect in this regard is the painting system used. In many cases, depending on the context or other factors, the choice of a single stage coat or direct gloss paint can be a great advantage ensuring a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and quality of finish.

What does single stage paint and direct gloss paint mean?

A single stage paint or single stage system is a two-component paint that is made up of colouring pigments and glossy acrylic resinswhich must be mixed with a hardener  to accelerate the paint’s hardening process.

Therefore, the single stage paint, as its name suggests, only requires one single coatto get the desired colour, hardness and gloss. It requires no final clearcoat.

When to use single stage paint?

As stated above, the choice of a single stage paint system will depend on several aspects that professionals must consider as a whole.

Solid bodywork colours

One factor to consider when choosing a single stage paint system will be the type of colour to repaint. Direct gloss paint is often used when repainting solid coloursi.e., without effect.

Single stage systems can be in a wide range of solid colours. This will allow assurance in covering the wide spectrum of solid colours applicable at the bodyshop.

Industrial vehicles

On the other hand, in sectors such as industrial vehicle repainting (lorries, trailers, buses), commercial fleets or light vehicles, direct gloss single stage paint is also usual. This provides an excellent balance between resistance and durability.

Pintura monocapa para camiones

These vehicles are exposed to possible crashes, friction or bad weather conditions. This leads to a greater subsequent deterioration of the paint, so obtaining a quality, resistant and functional finish will be of essence.

Advantages of using single stage paint on bodywork

Using a high quality single stage paint will provide professionals of the sector with a wide range of advantages. The following can be highlighted:

Increased speed and simplicity in coating

Coating with single stage paint allows us to save a step in the repair process. The final finish will consist of a single coat, with no clearcoat required.

This implies a significant reduction in working timeby shortening processes such as material preparation, coating and drying times. These are determining factors that will have an impact on the bodyshop’s productivity ratio and the flow of repairs.

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In addition, it simplifies the working process and reduces the possible occurrence of painting defects related to the top clearcoat. This process requires experience and skill for a quality finish, free from some of the most common errors at this stage (loss of gloss, blooming, clearcoat sagging, etc.).

Optimising costs and resources

Using a single stage paint can have a  direct impact on the business’ income statement. First of all, this type of paint is cheaper that two-coat paint, for example.

Also, as the final clearcoat is not necessary, a significant amount of material consumption is saved, increasing profitability of the process. In addition to the saving in clearcoat, a single stage coat will allow to reduce consumption of bodywork accessories such as masking tape and paper, mixing containers, etc.

All this will allow professionals to have more resources to face new repairs thus increasing the opportunity cost in the bodyshop’s profitability.

Finally, reducing work processes will also translate into shorter drying time (less energy consumption in the booth), cleaning of tools, or in the coating time itself.

A versatile system capable of adapting to the needs of each repair

BESA’s  URKI-MIX PRO is a versatile and high quality solvent base paint system for vehicle repainting. It consists of concentrated colour bases that are mixed with different binders to obtain products to be used in basecoat or single stage systems (direct gloss).


This state-of-the-art painting systemguarantees a complete colour reproduction. It also provides excellent coverage, high performance and good blending. This leads to achieving high productivity and an excellent final finish.

URKI-MIX PRO, the perfect ally for single stage colour painting

The URKI-MIX PRO system has all the elements required to obtain a perfect finish in single stage colours. It is easy to use and has excellent colorimetry. The integration of different components is aimed at optimising the direct gloss painting of vehicles.

URKI-MIX PRO integrates several components aimed at optimising the single stage paint finishes.

An example of this is the 35-position mixing machine that has been specifically designed to paint single stage colours, enabling a better control and management of the colour bases.

Armario colores monocapa

URKI-MIX PRO also has the tools required for professionals to provide excellent colour reproduction. Integrating the colour chart with the use of the spectrophotometer allows obtaining virtually all the single stage colours available in the sector.

Colour chart


The URKI-MIX PRO system has a colour chart that has been specifically developed for repainting solid colours. This colour chart is called Colour Truck and includes almost all the colours formulated in direct gloss available on the market and compliant with the current regulations on VOC emissions. It also provides an accurate colour system that allows searching for the colour code.


The URKI-MIX PRO system integrates the spectrophotometer as a tool to optimise colour reproduction during the repair. It is an excellent option when seeking high colour matching in single stage colours. Its simple use and installation allows an easy colour recovery.

Espectrofotómetro URKIMIX PRO

Colour management software

The URKI-MIX PRO colour management software allows working against the cloud, sharing formulas with users in other workspaces and having access to their formulas, no matter where they are. The colour search can be performed from different devices.


As we have seen, having a single stage painting system that provides excellent paint quality and versatility will be essential to achieve a quality repair to increase the bodyshop’s productivity and profitability.