The correct protection of a vehicle’s underbody using products such as anti-stone chip paint is a highly recommended practice that ensures the bodywork’s durability and resistance over time.

Users and professionals in the sector usually tend to focus on the most visible and aesthetic parts of the bodywork, such as bonnets, doors, spoilers or roofs. 

However, the correct maintenance and protection of less visible areas is equally important, to prevent  oxidation or deformation problems of parts caused by small impacts.

What is anti-stone chip paint?

Anti-stone chip paint is a type of paint mainly aimed at protecting the bodywork’s most exposed areas such as wheel arches, the vehicle’s underbody or even side skirts and bumpers. 

Important areas that help increase safety and correct vehicle behaviour.

Pintura anti gravilla

Anti-stone ship protection is specially designed to minimise mechanical impacts from small stones chips and gravel. Also, their anti-corrosive performance on the vehicle’s bodywork is outstanding. 

For example, in certain places and times of the year, the use of salt to prevent ice on roads can be a highly corrosive element for a vehicle’s sheet metal. 

Anti-stone chip paint helps to minimise this problem, working as an additional coat of protection.

What are the benefits of anti-stone chip paint on a vehicle’s bodywork?

The application of anti-stone chip paint on skirts, wheel arches, underbody or footrests provides elasticity and adhesion to the part.

Due to its nature, in addition to being a repair paint, anti-stone chip paint can also be used as a preventive paint, when you want to provide extra resistance to moisture or eventual abrasions.In addition, they can be painted, to favour a more aesthetic integration of the parts with the rest of the bodywork.

Gravilla en los bajos del coche

A good example of high quality paint that will stop you worry about gravel when protecting a vehicle’s underbody is URKI-PROTEC, an anti-stone chip paint that can be repainted with most paint systems

It is easily applied by gun spraying, providing a resistant, strong and long-lasting coat of paint. 

An anti-stone chip paint designed to replicate the manufacturer’s original finish and to provide protection against gravel, salt, humidity and oxidation, and even dampen engine sounds and vibrations.

You will be able to achieve the desired roughness, texture and relief unfailingly by regulating the pressure and distance of application of the gun.

Another complementary product to protect a vehicle’s underbody and wheel arches are sound proofing plates, a self-adhesive bituminous panel designed to isolate and soundproof the noise from small impacts and vibrations.

Anti-stone chip spray for partial repairs

When the size of the flaw is not very large, and you want to make a partial repair to reduce the preparation and painting time of the part, you can use  anti-stone chip spray paint

URKI-PROTEC has a spray format that protects parts such as spoilers and doors effectively against gravel, and it can also be applied as underbody protection.

Its thixotropic properties and the thickness it allows to deposit contribute to considerably muffling engine sounds and vibrations. This is an anti-stone chip spray that is specially designed to reproduce the manufacturer’s original finish with excellent adhesion, elasticity and good behaviour to both cold and corrosion.


Regardless of the type of repair to carry out, whether it is rougher or finer, or larger or smaller, anti-stone chip paint will always be an excellent ally to protect the bodywork of a vehicle and to correctly reproduce its original parts.