Aplicación Bedliner pick-up

The protective textured coating or bedliner paint is a particularly useful product for repainting certain areas of the bodywork where extra protection and resistance is required.

This product is intended to protect the surface and minimise continuous exposure to mechanical impacts (hits, scratches, abrasions, etc.) or chemical agents (grease, oil, etc.).

What is protective textured coating or bedliner paint?

Textured protective paint is a specially designed coating for repairs and repainting of bodywork parts such as rear loading compartments in pick-up trucks, and in all kinds of parts which require extra hardness and resistance. 

In addition to giving the surface a rough appearance, textured paint allows small surface imperfections to be camouflaged and concealed.

Pintar bedliner pick up

Advantages of using bedliner paint:

From its main advantages, we can highlight:

  • Extra protection: bedliner paint serves as an additional protection element against rust, corrosion and other contaminants.
  • Great resistance, both to mechanical agents such as scratches, impacts and abrasions, and to chemical agents that may come into contact with a vehicle.
  • High durability of the finish, even in extreme weather conditions and long periods of time outdoors.
  • Excellent versatility: it is a type of paint that can be used in various sectors and painting systems, in addition to the bodywork sector.
  • High matching and reproduction of the finish in relation to the original finish.
  • Increased productivity: these products are usually very easy to prepare and to use, with containers prepared for mixing and adaptable even to the application equipment, without requiring any other item such as application containers. This way, preparation and cleaning times are shortened.
  • Fast drying: in addition, the fast drying of this type of product allows to increase the repair’s productivity and profitability, reducing the working time considerably.

URKI-REX, the best solution for high resistance protection

URKI-REX is a highly resistant bedliner paint that combines all the advantages described above. This is a black textured protective coating, specially designed to repaint of load compartments in pick-up trucks.

URKI-REX pintura bedliner

This type of high resistance coating provides high mechanical (scratch, abrasion, folding) and chemical (hydrocarbons, oils, solvents, etc.) resistance . URKI-REX has a full product + hardener kit for greater convenience for professionals during the preparation and application processes.

Bedliner pick-up repair and painting process

For the example used in repairing and repainting the load compartment of a pick-up type of vehicle,  use the URKI-Re textured protective coating.

The application of this high resistance paint has an optional first step, where a first coat or layer will be applied to optimise the coverage of the repair, and a second step where  the textured coat will be added, providing a resistant finish with high colour matching and texture compared with the original finish.

1. Surface preparation: pre-cleaning

Firstly, as with other repair processes, you should prepare the surface to repair correctly. In cases where the paint has more serious defects, such as missing material, it is advisable to sand the surface with a rotating orbital machine using a 180-240 sandpaper grit.

A pick-up’s rear compartment is a part of the bodywork where grease, oil, material residues and dirt in general are usually present, so its proper cleaning will be a crucial step for the correct anchoring of the high resistance textured paint.

If the pick-up has a protective plastic coating in the rear loading area, remove it.

2. P180-P240 Sanding

Mask all the areas you want to protect during the sanding process with duct tape. Sand the entire surface with a rotating orbital sander using a P180-P240 grit. In angles and nooks that are hard to reach with the machine, use a sanding sponge or sandpaper block.

3. Primer

If, after sanding the entire load compartment, you find an area where the exposed metal is visible, apply an F-294/2 epoxy primer for greater corrosion protection.

4. Masking

Mask all the areas to protect during the application process with tape+plastic and masking tape.

5. Coverage coat (optional)

In cases where the intermediate coat colour of the load compartment is not black, or if the surface has many paint defects, it may be advisable to apply a first coat to optimise paint coverage. The mixing ratio of this optional coat is 3:1.

To do this, take the 750ml container of URKI-REX, and add the hardener E-204 to the same container. Shake the container vigorously to obtain a uniform mixture.

Then pour the mixture into a disposable FPP application container. Depending on the environmental conditions you are in, add a dilution ratio of between 30% and 40% to URKISOL 8229 or URKISOL 900 Pthinner.

To apply this, use a spray gun with a 1.7-1.8 mm fluid nozzle adjusted to a 2-bar pressure.

Apply one or two even coats at intervals of approximately 10-15 minutes, in order to let the solvents, evaporate, always taking into account this product’s high coverage power and its quick evaporation speed.

This first coat should be applied evenly, with a controlled spraying of the product.

6. Texturing coat

For this second coat, add 250 ml of E-204 hardener to the URKI-REX container.

Once poured, shake it vigorously until a uniform mixture is obtained. Apply this second coat with a stone chip protection gun. The URKI-REX container is specially adapted for use with this type of gun.

At this point it is essential to adjust the product flow and pressure, which will determine the drop size, pattern and texture required. The larger the nozzle, the larger the size. 

To ensure correct reproduction and to know the result that will be obtained with each gun setting, it may be advisable to prepare different paint test cards, on which you should apply the textured protective coating with different nozzle settings. 

Apply 1.5 – 2 coats at a distance of 40 to 60 cm from the gun to the part, with the chosen setting and 3 bar pressure.

Once applied, wait 20 minutes for the solvents to evaporate, before the forced booth drying.

Final conclusion

High resistance bedliner paint can also be used in other types of applications and sectors, such as the automotive sector (containers, chassis, tanks, trailers, platforms, etc.), the industrial sector (tanks, hangars, caravans, ramps, etc.), the maritime sector (docks, boats, moorings and ramps, etc.) or the agricultural sector (tractors, silos, ploughs, machinery in general, etc.).

Bedliner paint is undoubtedly an ideal solution for users who want to provide their bodywork with extra protection and strength, while obtaining a high-quality finish.